Emma Stone Harvey Weinstein Hotel Casting Sex Video

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There is no denying that heathen Hollywood is a cesspool of perverted degenerates and whores. The fact that the brain dead infidel masses idolize these hopelessly depraved miscreants speaks volumes about the base nature of Western civilization.

The Harvey Weinstein sex scandal is no doubt just the tip of the iceberg. These actresses falling all over each other to claim victimhood at the chubby greasy hands of this hideous Jew ogre of man, and then congratulate themselves on how “brave” they are being, certainly aren’t fooling anyone with half a brain.

Of course noticeably quiet are all of the actresses that took old Harvey up on his lewd demands, and among them appears to be none other than Oscar winner Emma Stone. For as you can see in the casting sex video above, though reluctant at first Emma eventually gives in to Harvey’s relentless nasally Zionist persuasions, and she enters his hotel room so that he can have his way with her.